Version 1.1

This update brings an important new feature to Nodeo and addresses a lot of bugs. Here are the release notes from App Store:


  • Automatic private iCloud syncing: If you have an iCloud account, presentations will automatically sync between devices
  • Ports: Border color added making it a lot easier to identify matching port types and optional ports marked with asterisk (*)
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Help screen now available (hold down CMD during edit or present)
  • Nodes: Filter & sort array, scale image and string value nodes added


  • Done outport fixed for transition nodes
  • Post & Get request nodes fixed (app transport bug & response handling)
  • Import photo node has been split into Library and Camera node
  • Frame nodes now calculated after final frame is set during launch of presentation
  • Edit text was setting the label color to default white
  • Subview variables were not removed when parent view was deleted

Private iCloud syncing

This makes it a lot easier when working with a presentation targeted towards iPhone users. As soon as you launch your project on iPad, the generated thumbnail and application data is automatically uploaded to iCloud. Nodeo automatically checks for updates during startup, but you can also refresh manually if the app is open.

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