Design & Build Native Apps with Nodes

What is Nodeo?

Nodeo for iPadOS & MacOS lets you build interactive tools and experiences using dynamic views and logic nodes, without having to write any code. Nodeo is simple to learn but very powerful. Add real functionality to your design and deploy working products to your clients within days instead of months.

Design layouts for any screen size

Design an interface by adding, placing and resizing views. You can choose colors for background, gradient, border, shadow and text and place an image inside any view. Build dynamic layouts with subviews and resizing behaviour to make your interface look good on any screen size.

The view editor in Nodeo is designed with a quick access toolbar on top with various panels for colors, gradients, images and fonts.

Build interactivity using nodes

Add interaction such as taps, text editing, barcode scanning or backend logic such as server communication to read and write data locally or online. Nodes are easy to understand and provide a powerful environment for building interactivity, without having to write any code.

The node editor allows users to connect, group and set node colors when working with large projects

Publish and share your work now

Publish your app and immediately share it with friends and colleagues using any iOS device. Share data and build your own community with just a few nodes!

The browser shows all your projects with auto generated or custom thumbnails. Create your own private App Store!

Getting started

Learn more by visiting our channel on YouTube, “Nodeo for iPadOS & MacOS” where you can find tons of tips and tutorials on every aspect of the app!

Download now for iOS, iPadOS or MacOS from the App Store!