Version 1.2.4

Safe Area

Along the top of any iOS device there is an area that iOS reserves for system features such as the status bar and notch on iPhone X+ or the home indicator line on devices without a home button.

Because this area varies between different iOS devices, layouts created in Nodeo needed to be tall enough to not be hidden behind the notch, but would then look bloated on devices without a notch.

Project settings now offer an option to respect this safe area in a few different ways (none, top, bottom or top and bottom) in order to constrain your layout within the safe margins. You can then extend your sub views outside their parent frame to cover this area. Just remember to turn off “Clip” for the parent view in the Layout panel.

Basic templates

In order to demonstrate safe area insets, we added the option to create new projects from basic templates.

You can choose from 5 different templates; Single view (which is basically an empty project), Navigation bar or Tab bar with Navigation bar. The last two also offer an option to include a collection view showing a list of strings.

Tab bar controllers also have the choice of creating 2-5 tabs, to make it blazingly fast to jump start your project!

Dark mode

Lastly, 3 system colors have been added to support light and dark mode. The system colors can’t be altered, because they are dynamic to the current system mode. Any other color you add will stay the same regardless of what display mode the user has set.

Reset inport stacking

A node is calculated as soon as all incoming connections (inports) have a value (stacked). After the first calculation, subsequent calculations are done whenever an inport has been updated. When combining several nodes with into a single node, some inports might update more often than others leading to calculations with old data.

Because of this, we have added an option to reset inport stacking, requiring all inports to be updated every time before calculation. An example of where this is necessary is when using the node “Image for url” in combination with the “Collection Item” node. We want to download images for each specific item, but only when a key matches a specific value (see image below), not for other values.

When “reset inport stacking” is active (blue checkbox in node view), the node “Image for url“ will only be calculated when all inports have been updated.

Release notes


  • Basic templates for new projects allow you to get up and running in no time!
  • Device screen insets allow you to design your layout within safe ares of all devices!


  • System colors supporting dark mode included in all new projects
  • Layout panel has been updated and view transparency added
  • View frames are now automatically rounded to nearest integer
  • Toggle ”Reset stack” on node views to avoid unexpected values


  • Sliding transitions automatically shade existing views
  • Added HEX and HSV color nodes for more flexibility
  • Added Random number because… Who doesn’t need that?


  • Moving multiple nodes didn’t update lines
  • View templates for collection views are now hidden automatically

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